November 2, 2023


In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, the demand for skilled professionals is unceasing. One role that stands out as both rewarding and in-demand is that of a Healthcare Assistant. In this blog, we will explore the path to becoming a Healthcare Assistant, the training required, and the myriad of career opportunities that await those who choose this noble profession.   Healthcare Assistant Training: The Gateway to a Fulfilling Career For over three decades, Gateway College has been at the forefront of training individuals to become competent and compassionate Healthcare Assistants. Our institution, nestled in the heart of Vancouver, BC, has been a beacon of hope for those aspiring to make a difference in the healthcare industry. The Role of a Healthcare Assistant Before delving into the specifics of training and career prospects, let’s first understand what a Healthcare Assistant does. These dedicated professionals play a crucial role in healthcare settings, including private and public hospitals, long-term care facilities, complex care units, assisted living communities, independent living arrangements, special care centers, palliative care facilities, and home support agencies. Healthcare Assistants provide essential support to patients and residents under the supervision of registered nurses or licensed practical nurses. Their duties may include assisting with...
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