September 7, 2022


I’m David, a Director at Gateway College. I look forward to sharing our story. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know us better. Established in 1986, we are a training college that helps graduates find their passion in healthcare. Our mission is to train tomorrow’s healthcare professionals on the most up-to-date Canadian healthcare practice so they can go out and make a positive difference to the patients and the organizations they will soon serve. We have over thirty years of experience and trained thousands of healthcare professionals. Gateway College has also always been committed to continual growth within the healthcare field and the formation of training partnerships between our graduates and future employers like assisted living long-term care facilities. We are proud of our graduates consistently meeting and exceeding the industry standards. Our commitment to the Canadian medical community shows our track record of excellence and undeniable dedication to proper training. Since COVID-19, society has paid more attention to the healthcare workers’ mental health and spirituality. We have thus altered the course structure to make the graduates feel much more comfortable fitting into the current situation. We also build strong connections to the private and public institutions to create more accessible...
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