Do you want a better-paid job and become a well-rounded, productive member of society? Diploma courses have been shown to increase earnings and allow individuals to explore various career options.

Degree programs are typically more expensive than diploma programs. However, master’s (such as MBA) or niche post-graduate certificate or diploma programs can cost approximately $43,000 to $101,000 CAD per year.

If you are a young adult or even a mature individual with commitments, we understand that high prices can be a hurdle. At Gateway College, we believe you deserve the very best out of life and feel your future prospects should be the number one deciding factor.

We believe that with a little bit of planning, research, and our assistance, you can get that diploma, achieve all your educational goals, and get into a career in the healthcare sector with almost zero personal costs. So you do not get overwhelmed, we have made a guide to earning your diploma on a tight budget.

Plan, browse, and research programs

This first step is the most important as it’s here that you have the chance to choose programs that give you the most value and can choose a study path that inspires you. We suggest you check out our website, browse and research the programs we offer to find the perfect course for you and your future.

Get to know about our government-funded programs

One of the primary purposes of launching government-funded programs is to make education more affordable and accessible for the local community. Our government-funded programs ensure eligible enrolled students will be exempt from tuition and fee costs making their education essentially free.

Enquire and get in touch with us

Next, you should call us to inquire about the possibility of availing of the government-funded program we offer. If you meet the requirements, you can request to be added to the list for the next intake.

Note that due to limited seats, the sooner you contact us, the more likely you’ll secure your spot.

Remember that training leading to a valued career can be a life-changing choice for you and your family. Thus make sure you are committed to completing the program before submitting your application.

For more tips on how to avail of healthcare education on a budget, reach out to Gateway College. Once you successfully complete the HCA program, you will easily get a job in the health care facilities, receive an hourly salary of up to $27 per hour, and have great opportunities to support the local community. You will also make a real difference in other people’s lives.

Get in touch with us today!

To learn more, please visit our website. To see if you qualify for the government-funded program we offer, get in touch with us by clicking here, or call us at (604) 738-0285, or email us at