Are you looking for an exciting profession in the healthcare industry? If you are, then enrolling in a Health Care Assistant and Geriatric Care with Co-op program may be just what you need to take your career to new heights. In our society, the role of a health care assistant (HCA) is essential as it offers the care and assistance required to improve the quality of life of those who are aged and disabled.

However, to ensure you’re a good fit for this profession and the training that it requires, you need to know what it entails. To educate you about this profession and the course you need to undertake to excel in this field, Gateway College has explained them both in detail below.

Who is an HCA, and what are the requirements to be one?

Health care assistants (HCAs) are frontline care providers in various institutional and community settings, including home support agencies and residential care facilities. They are most effective when they have the following skills and characteristics, like being:

a. Patient, kind, and compassionate

b. Effective in dealing with others

c. Highly organized and resourceful

d. Efficient in operating related equipment

e. Organized with work

f. Physically fit

g. Able to lift up to twenty kilograms (required in some clinical settings)

h. Free of criminal charges or background (i.e., having a clean record or no criminal history)

Besides these requirements, to be eligible to work as an HCA in any publicly funded health care setting in BC, applicants must be registered with the BC Care Aide And Community Health Worker Registry. At the same time, their skills need to be backed by relevant education. To help with this, we have put together a relevant, educative Health Care Assistant and Geriatric Care with Co-op program. It is designed to train learners to become conscious and helpful health care assistants.

Our dedicated and experienced instructors provide quality education with hands-on training to prepare students for the real world. That way, they are aware of how to perform the best care measures for people with various conditions or disabilities. All of our instructors are experienced HCAs with over twenty to thirty years of field experience and ten years of teaching experience. Together, we maintain small class sizes to increase individual attention and improve communication between our students and us.

Benefits of choosing Gateway College for HCA training and education

Affordable tuition fees and convenient payment options: Our tuition rates are very affordable as they cost only $2,550. To make payment easier for our students, we also offer a monthly payment plan to spread out their expenses instead of putting off their education to save money. Other funding options available for our educational program include student loans through Student Aid BC (SABC). (Please note that while our tuition is only $2,550, there are other fees and expenses to cover like textbooks, application fees, lab kits, etc.)

Easy to follow schedule: To make the best of our HCA programs, all our applicants need to do is follow the schedule and instructions provided at the time of enrollment, and they will be successful. In case they come across and issues, they will receive the assistance and support that they require, especially during their training.

Flexible schedule: To suit every student’s needs, even those who are working part-time or have a busy schedule, we have created many variations of our HCA program to fit their unique schedule. This includes ONLINE training sessions (blended mode) and access to online theory. The only aspect of the program that we don’t offer online is the hands-on skills training (which requires a lab, clinical placement, and practicum). To check out our online learning programs and our HCA course variations like HCA-Accelerated, HCA-Access, HCA and Communications, ESP, etc., visit our website.

Certification to acquire employment: Once the candidates enrolled in our Health Care Assistant and Geriatric Care with Co-op learning program graduate, they will be eligible to register with the BC Care Aide And Community Health Worker Registry. In turn, they will be able to work as HCAs in any publicly funded health care setting in BC. In the last few years, our employment success rate has been 100% among domestic students. Part of this success rate is due to the education and training that we provide them, and the rest is from the rising demand for HCAs!

For more information about our HCA courses, feel free to get in touch with us at Gateway College. To register with us, you can either give us a call at 604-738-0285 or register online at

As a health care assistant training college in Vancouver, BC, our goal is to help aspiring health care professionals become valuable members of the healthcare team in private and public hospitals, long-term care, complex care, assisted living, independent living, specialized care, palliative care facilities, as well as home support agencies. We provide them with adequate knowledge and skills in a learning environment that simulates actual health care situations. We also offer them sufficient resources and practical tests to sharpen their skill-set and the quality of their services.

To learn more about health care assistance and our training programs, visit our website here or get in touch with us by clicking here.