March 22, 2020


When building a career as a Health Care Assistant (HCA), it is vital to have a strong foundation with the right education. As a result, before choosing a health care assistant training college, you must ask as many questions as possible to learn precisely what their educational and training programs have to offer. At Gateway College, we specialize in several healthcare training programs and want to arm you with accurate information about them so you can make the right choice for your career. To do this, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the Gateway College programs. 1. Does Gateway College offer online and in-class instructions? Yes, at Gateway College, we offer online and in-class instructions for most of our programs. 2. How much is the application fee at Gateway College? The application fee for domestic students is $250, while for international students, the fee is $300. 3. Does Gateway College offer payment in installments? Yes, we have various installment packages for both international and domestic students. 4. What is the duration of a program? Our program durations usually range from twenty-four weeks to two-years, depending on the program selected. 5. What are the requirements for HCA at Gateway College?...
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