While undoubtedly beneficial to our communities and your personal career prospects, becoming a qualified healthcare provider or nurse practitioner can be a stressful and complex journey. Similarly, knowing and understanding which program you should choose is critical to your long-term success, fulfillment, and happiness.

At Gateway College, we offer a range of online health care assistance programs that prepare you for a bright future. We are patient, professional, and always ready to help our charges succeed not just during their time with us but well into their careers and professional lives.

For more details on how we can assist you and help you reach your goals, here’s a handbook about some of the programs offered by us.

Our Programs – Year 1

1. Health care assistant – accelerated program
This is the accelerated version of our Health Care Assistant program. Here our students receive the same training and credentials but complete their studies within six months. Furthermore, students will participate at a designated facility or a hospital and interact with patients throughout the practicum training period. This training will help students learn proficiency and the confidence most needed on a job.

2. Health care assistant and communication program
This program is ideal for international students or new immigrants who do not speak English as a first language. It is also suitable for students without a health care background who are not familiar with medical terminology.

3. Postgraduate diploma in nursing practice with co-op
This program is designed to prepare internationally educated nurses to adapt to the Canadian health care setting combining theory and skills based on the entry-level competencies in their specific role. Furthermore, it will help learners advance the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to function effectively and acquire knowledge to become culturally competent nursing professionals.

What makes us a great choice?
Since our establishment in 1986, we have trained thousands of health care professionals, and many of our graduates are working as valuable members of the healthcare team in private and public hospitals, long-term care, complex care, assisted living, independent living, special care, palliative care facilities as well as home support agencies.

Similarly, our classrooms provide students with an inspiring and engaging study environment with fully equipped modern labs that ensure students can learn up-to-date knowledge and skills in a practical and comfortable environment. Our highly qualified staff and instructors also support all students and are committed to each student’s success.

If you’d like to learn more about healthcare assistant training, reach out to us at Gateway College. It is our mission to provide potential and current health care professionals with quality education and training. We commit ourselves to continual growth within the health care field and the formation of training partnerships to meet and exceed the industry standards.

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