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Health Care Assistant Program Vancouver

Excellence in Education: Gateway College's Proven Track Record of Success

Gateway College has been dedicated to providing a well-rounded education to students for decades. Since 1986, our college has built a solid reputation for academic excellence and a track record of producing successful graduates. When you choose Gateway College, you can trust that you're receiving an education that is respected and valued in the healthcare industry. Join our community of accomplished alumni and pave the way for your own success.

My training at Gateway College was indeed informative and challenging as their program provided every student with the skills to develop the necessary skills and attitudes of a compassionate care aide. Classroom setup/activities strengthen our cognitive knowledge as well as our cooperation, friendship and positive personality development. The staff are supportive, friendly and well organized. Their training in facilities with the latest technology was a great learning experience that built up my confidence very well. The instructors are also great. Stars for Gateway College in bringing a brighter future to their students!

Health Care Assistant Program Vancouver

Real-world Experience: Hands-on Learning that Prepares You for the Workforce

At Gateway College, we believe in the power of practical experience. Our programs offer hands-on learning opportunities where you can gain practical experience and tackle real-life scenarios that mirror the challenges you'll face in the workforce. Through simulations, clinical placements, and interactive training, we ensure that you're well-prepared to enter the healthcare field with confidence. Develop the skills and knowledge needed to make a meaningful impact in your future career as a healthcare assistant.

It is a training college that offers health care diploma programs such as Health Care Assistant Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma in Nursing Practice, etc. Classrooms are engaging and instructors are highly qualified. Lab training allows students to put everything they learnt in the class into practice before they go work in a real world setting in a designated facility or hospital for their practicum training. College offers life long job assistance to its students who are able to start work as health care professionals as soon as they graduate.

Health Care Assistant Program Vancouver

Valuable Resources and Mentorship: Unlock Your Career Potential

Gateway College is committed to providing students with exceptional resources and mentorship opportunities. Our strong partnerships with assisted living facilities and nursing homes enable us to offer valuable industry connections. Moreover, our instructors have extensive working experience in the healthcare field, allowing them to provide students with invaluable mentorship and guidance. By choosing Gateway College, you'll have access to a supportive network that opens doors to exciting career opportunities and helps you achieve your professional goals.

The HCA course I took at Gateway College made a big impact on my life. After I finished the course, I found that a big change happened in me. After graduation, many opportunities came along and I finally found the best position for me. Gateway College helped me build a stable career and a good foundation in life. Everything I’ve learned from the staff, administration and fellow students helped me stand up and be confident in what I’ve learned. As a graduate I recommend Gateway College to anyone who wishes to have a better future.

- Eunice