Gateway College Job Fair Wednesday, August 6th

June 16, 2014

1) Are you living in the Surrey, Langley, White Rock or Abbotsford area??

SURREY LOCATION IS NOW OPEN!Good news to students in the Surrey, Langley, White Rock, and the Fraser Valley areas! We have now opened our Surrey location! We offer Health Care Assistant full time and part time programs at our new Surrey location, which is conveniently located across from the Central City Mall and close to the King George and Surrey Central Skytrain stations. Students from these areas do not need to travel to Vancouver to study! The next part time class starts on March 15 for students who have previous health care background. To find out more about the program, please speak to one of our Admissions Representatives 604-738-0285


2) Are you looking for a job? Spring Job Fair on Wednesday, April 2nd “ You can be hired within 48 hours!"

Gateway College will be hosting its Spring Job Fair on Wednesday, April 2nd from 1:00pm - 4:00pm.We invite all of the Gateway College current and graduate students to come to join us for the job Fair.We have been received much positive feedback from employers who attended our previous job fairs and have hired Gateway College students. All of the attended job fair employers hired many Gateway College students right after the job fair and some of graduates were even hired and working as Health Care Assistants within 48 hours of their interview!You can be next person to be hired and started working within 48 hours!Please do not forget to call us to register at 604-738-0285.It is great opportunity to meet HR representatives from an agency or facility at the fair.


3) New Dementia Professional Program starts Saturday, March 22nd

Looking to get a Dementia Professional certification? We're holding a new Dementia Professional class starting Saturday, March 22nd. It will be held every Saturday for four weeks and finish April 12th.  Contact us at 604-738-0285 for further information.

There are still seats available, so join today!

Gateway College Spring Job Fair

March 24, 2014

1) Health Care Assistant jobs are available- And Employers are looking for you!

It is time to join the Gateway College Spring Job Fair on April 2nd (Wed).Are you looking for a job?  So far, we have 9 employers confirmed to attend our job fair.These employers are looking for you to hire!!It is a great opportunity to see HR staff in person.Do not miss this opportunity to get hired!All students are required to register in advance, so do so now.Please put the BIG smiley mark in your calendar and make yourself available on April 2nd afternoon!

We are excited to see as many as students as possible on April 2nd!!


2) Surrey location opened!!  No need to take that long commute anymore.

We are very excited to announce that our Surrey location is OPEN!

If you are living in Surrey, New Westminster, Langley, Chilliwack or Abbotsford, you do not need to take a long commute anymore.You can join our Surrey location where it is very convenient for you.It is very easy to access and a short walking distance from Surrey Central Skytrain Station.We have limited seats available for the Surrey location, however, so register quickly!Please contact our Admission representative to ask for information for our Full-time or Part-time programs at the Surrey Location.Our experienced Admission representatives will find you the best fit for your studying options.


3) ONLY 2 seats left, do not miss your chance to start the April Full-time program.

Are you thinking to study Health Care Assistant anytime soon?Our April Health Care Assistant- Accelerated Full-time class will start from April 21st and we only have 2 seats left.Please do not wait to register for the program if you are ready to start from April.This is a first-come-first-serve basis.  Now, pick up the phone and call us at 604-738-0285!Our Admission representative will help you immediately!!


4) Yes, I make it!!  We love our fantastic Clinical Placement instructor! 

One of our Long-term Care Aide class completed their long journey on March 21st.One of our students gave us a huge lovely hug and big smile on Saturday.“Our Clinical Placement instructor is great!  We love her a lot!  We learned a lot of things from her.  SHE IS A GREAT INSTRUCTOR!!”We are so happy to hear that she had such a great clinical placement experience in the complex care facility with our instructor.We are very confident that she will be a successful Health Care Assistant in this industry.

I Got Hired by Job Fair

April 11, 2014

Our first Job Fair of 2014 just finished on April 2nd (Wed) at our Vancouver Campus to a resounding success.After the Job Fair, so many of our graduates came back to us with a BIG SMILE saying “I GOT HIRED”.Yes, now you are professional Health Care Assistant!  We are very proud of all of you! Congratulations to all of you!Just look at our very happy and confident students!



Sarah (LTCA graduate)

She was shy when she started coming to Gateway College. She developed her confidence in school and enjoyed being with new friends and supportive instructors who contributed to her personal growth. She believes that the knowledge she gained qualified her for the job immediately after her interview.



Franz (HCA-Access graduate)

She completed the program last month and was hired after attending the Job Fair. Her exposure to taking care of patients suffering from dementia during her practicum qualified her for the job. This is further reinforced by her Dementia Certificate which is included in the program package.



Jerame (HCA- Hybrid graduate)

She started working just a couple of days after the Job Fair. She was asked to do a written exam with scenarios that she was able to answer based on what she learned from the Concepts for Practice course. After her exam and interview, she was immediately assigned a client, which fortunately, was near her home. She enjoyed the Hybrid class and highly recommends it to friends.

I am working at VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority)

April 23, 2014

1) I am working at VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority)

He has been working as a Care Aide at Vancouver Island Health Authority since he graduated from Gateway College.He was originally hired at VIHA as on-call/casual care aide staff which quickly changed to working as a regular part-time care aide and earning $22 per hour.He told us that he would like to give “Special thanks to his class instructors and classmates”.   Without all of these people’s help, he would not have succeeded and not have gotten a career at VIHA.He is very happy to have been a Gateway College student because it serves him to succeed for the career of his choice.

We are always happy to hear our graduate’s success story and see their happy smile.


2) Surrey Location Full-time class starts from June 9th

Do you know our Full-time class at Surrey location will start from June 9th?Our Surrey location is located with easy accessibility from Surrey Central Skytrain station.  If you are living in Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, WhiteRock or Fraser Valley area, it will be easy access for you.We have limited seats available for Surrey location, so please contact our Admission representatives to get more details at 604-738-0285.


3) Advanced Medication Administration class from May 24th

We will have a new Advanced Medication Administration class starting from May 24th (Saturday).  The class will be every Saturday for 4 weeks.

If you have not already taken Medication Administration, it is absolutely a benefit for you to have this Certificate to get a job at Home support and facilities.We have limited seats available so please do not wait to register at last minute.

The seats will be first come and first serve.Please contact our Admission Representatives to get more details at 604-738-0285.

Gateway College Job Fair Wednesday, August 6th

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1) Dementia Professional starts July 5th (Saturday Class)

Looking to get Dementia Professional certification? We're holding a new Dementia Professional class starting Saturday, July 5th. It will be held every Saturday for four weeks and finish July 26th, 2014. Seats are limited and at a first-come-first-serve basis, so register today!Do not miss this opportunity to get your Dementia Professional Certificate!

Please contact us at 604-738-0285 for further information


2) Health Care Assistant  Accelerated full-time program will start July 28th

Are you looking for new Career as a Health Care Assistant? We have a Health Care Assistant – Accelerated Full-time program that starts from July 28th at our Vancouver Campus.

Our experienced Admission Representatives will help you by answering all of your questions regarding the Health Care Assistant Profession and HCA Program.  Please feel free to contact our Admission Representatives to get more details.Available seats are limited so please do not wait!


3) Do not forget to register BC care Aide registry

Have you registered with the BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry yet?To be eligible to work as a health care assistant (HCA) in any public health care setting in BC, applicants must be registered with the BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry. Currently, private health care providers may hire HCAs who are not registered, but this may change at any time.This is especially important if you took our Long-Term Care Aide program; please make sure that you have registered with the BC Care Aide registry by July 1, 2014.You can see the BC care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry at the following website: is very important all LTCA graduates have their Registry # to work as a Health Care Aide.

If you have difficulty with registering on-line or do not know how, please feel free to contact us at 604-738-0285.We can help give advice on how to register.


4) Gateway College Job Fair Wednesday, August 6th

We are hosting a Job Fair for all Gateway College students and graduates coming up Wednesday, August 6th from 12:00pm – 4:00pm.This will give you the opportunity to meet with many employers from the Health Care Assistant field, from facilities to home support.Students must register in advance to attend, so please do not hesitate!


Contact us by phone at 604-738-0285 or email at and let us know you would like to attend.


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