International Students

International Student

Our faculty and staff at Gateway College (GC) would like to welcome you to Vancouver and our campus.


The college experience allows students to attain a new independence. Living away from home and managing to balance school and recreation are all part of the process of growing up & learning. The quality of a student's educational experience can be enhanced by his or her surroundings and Gateway College offers students many opportunities for growth.


The Gateway College offers a variety of services to help students get settled in their new home. Conveniently located in the center of Vancouver, we provide services for airport pick-up, homestay, assisting student visa & Canadian Custom, acquisition of English language skills, and much more.



Although it is easy to travel outside of Gateway College on weekends, students find there are many reasons to stay in the city. From ACMT programs to community events and cultural festivals, there are entertainment options to match everyone's interests. Gateway College provides information on numerous cafes, cinemas, theatrical productions, concerts, disco clubs and special events throughout the year.



International students are responsible for obtaining required immigraiton documents and maintaing their immigraiton status while studying in Canada. Required immigration documents for most international students to study at Gateway College include valid passport, temporary resident visa (TRV), study permit, and/or co-op work permit if applicable.


Citizens of visa-exempt countries do not require a TRV to travel to Canada. Please visit to find out if you need a TRV to enter Canada


If the duration of your chosen program is longer than six months, or it includes work experience component such as co-op, practicum training etc, you will need to obtain a study permit before the start date of your program. Please check to learn how to apply for a study permit. If your program includes work experience component, make sure to request a work permit by selecting "co-op work permit" in the study permit application.


Full-time career program student with a valid study permit is eligible to work off campus 20 hours per week during regular academic session, and full-time during scheduled breaks. For more information on "work off campus", please vist


For additional relevant immigration information, you can contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) (1.888.242.2100).


Learning the immigration system of another country can be challenging. If you have a difficulty in finding information that you are looking for, please feel free to contact us at .

International Student Advisors

You will never be alone at Gateway College. Your advisor can help you with many academic matters or personal concerns. If they cannot help you directly, they will refer you to someone at the college or in the community who can.


Orientation and Social Activities

Gateway College invites you to participate in social orientation activities organized to complement the programs of your department. Mark your calendar now, so you don’t miss this excellent opportunity to get to know others from all over the world, and learn about Gateway College and much more. Bring your family and friends as well. We have tried to include something for everyone. We look forward to welcoming you in person.

Homestay & Airport Pickup Service

Gateway College provides international students with the opportunity to live with a Canadian Family while staying in Vancouver. Our host families provide a very hospitable environment for visiting students. Each family provides a furnished room for the student along with meals and supportive English speaking environment. 

We also provide airport pick up service for international students arriving at Vancouver International Airport. Please inform us of your arrival date, time, and flight number as soon as you can prior to your arrival. For further information, please contact your Admission Advisor at Gateway College.


Download Homestay & Airport Pickup Service Request Form



Medical Health Insurance

Gateway College requires that all international students have basic health insurance and BC Medical Service Plan (MSP) for the duration of their studies. If your family members are also in Canada, they should have insurance for the duration of their stay as well.


The costs of hospital and doctor care in Canada are extremely high if you are not insured. Without insurance, you may have to pay thousands of dollars per day for a hospital stay or you may be refused certain services.

All international students will be automatically enrolled for basic health insurance plan when they register for programs. This plan covers the first three months from arrival in Canada, plus up to 10 days of travel between your country and Canada. All international students must apply for BC Medical Service Plan (MSP) if they stay in BC more than 3 months. There is three months waiting period, so students must apply as soon as they arrive.

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