Health Care Assistant 

Program Overview

This program is designed to train learners to become Health Care Professionals. Our dedicated and experienced instructors will provide quality education with hands-on training to prepare students for the real world. Students will practice their techniques in labs equipped with articulated mannequins, hospital beds, medical gear and fixtures. Furthermore, students will participate at a designated facility or a hospital and interact with patients throughout the practicum training period. This training will help students learn proficiency and the confidence most needed on a job. Our graduates work in both private and publicly funded facilities and hospitals as well as a variety of community settings. These may include extended care, intermediate care, assisted living, home support, rehabilitation facilities, and group homes. HCAs work as part of a team within a

health care unit under the supervision of a health care professional such as a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse.


Effective September 2016, Gateway College will be implementing the HCA Provincial Curriculum 2015 into all the HCA courses. Graduates of the Health Care Assistant delivered by Gateway College are eligible for registration with the BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry.


* This program has been approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.


Student loans are available for qualified local students.

Program Duration

Health Care Assistant: 33 Weeks


Program Delivery Options

To meet the need of students who require flexibility and convenience, this program is offered in:

  • Traditional Education (In-class)

  • Distance Education: Blended Learning (Online + In-class) 


Admission Requirements

Please click here for admission requirements.


Program Details
  • Concepts for Practice (theory, roles, law, organization)

  • Interpersonal Communications (empathy, medical terms)

  • Anatomy and Physiology (intro to body systems)

  • Lifestyle and Choices (activities of daily living)

  • Personal Care Skills (hygiene, comfort, simple treatments)

  • Caring for Common Health Challenges (life cycle)

  • Mobility Techniques (body mechanics)

  • Pharmacology (assisting with medication delivery)

  • Gerontology (study of aging process, demography)

  • Cognitive and Mental Health (including addictions)

  • Dementia (causes, stages, behaviors, Alzheimer’s Disease)

  • Palliative Care (end-of-life care, pain management, grieving)

  • Family Dynamics (culture, diversity, domestic violence)

  • Nutrition (menu planning, diet, Canada’s Food Guide)

  • Safe Work Practices (infection control, WHMIS, fire safety)

  • Assault Response (defensive and preventive skills)

  • Professional Development (transitions, employment skills)

  •  Basic Computer Skills (Word Processing, Email, Internet Search, Netiquette)*

  • Acute Care (Acute Care Settings, Roles of HCA in Acute Care)*


Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to obtain:

  • Health Care Assistant Diploma

  • Standard First Aid & CPR Level C Certitificate issued by Red Cross

  • FoodSafe Certificate issued by BC FOODSAFE

  • Dementia Certificate

  • WHMIS Certificate

  • Medication Administration Certificate

  • HCA Acute Care Certificate*

  • Provincial Violence Prevention Certificate*

  • 280 hours of practicum experience.

  • Eligibility to register with the "BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry."


* Effective September 2016


Course List
  • Health and Healing: Concept for Practice

  • Health Care Assistant: Introduction to Practice

  • Health 1: Interpersonal Communications

  • Health 2: Lifestyle and Choices

  • Healing 1: Caring for Individuals Experiencing Common Health Callenges

  • Healing 2: Caring for Individuals Experiencing Cognitive or Mental Challenges

  • Healting 3: Personal Care and Assistant

  • Practice Experience in Home Support and/or Assisted Living

  • Practice Experience in Multi-Level and/or Complex Care

  • Red Cross Standard First Aid & CPR Level C

  • FoodSafe


Start Date

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