What are Admission Requirements?

Please refer to the Admission Requirements page.


Do I have to complete all the admission requirements listed before applying to a program?

No. You are recommended to apply as soon as possible. This way you can secure your seat in advance as well as be notified of any missing document by our Admissions Office before the deadline.

Do I have to meet all the admission requirements?

Yes. Neither the institution nor the student can waive the requirements if the student fails to meet the minimum admission requirements for the chosen program. 

I am an international student. Do I have any additional admission requirement?

Yes. International students must meet the same admission requirements for the chosen program as domestic students. In addition, international students must provide relevant permit before the start date. Please contact our Admissions Office at admission@gwcollege.ca for further information regarding international students.

Which program is recommended for international students?

Health Care Assistant and Communication program is the most popular program for international students, and newly landed immigrant without nursing background. There is no language requirement to take the first year, and students with language requirement may skip the first year, and directly apply to the second year.

I am an ESL student. Can I enrol in your program?

Yes. Some of our programs do not have language requirement such as Health Care Assistant and Communication - Year 1, Introduction to Practice course in Health Care Assistant Specialized Studies, Foodsafe, and Emergency First Aid and CPR. For the detail information, please refer to the Admission Requirements page.

I am a foreign trained nurse/health care worker. Which program should I choose?

Health Care Assistant - Access program is recommended for students with prior learning or working  experience who would like a refresher program. You may choose to take Introduction to Practice course if your credential is recognized by the Registry.

Can I take any courses prior to starting a full career program?

Yes. You are welcome to take individual course(s) if you are interested in only one or more particular course(s), or if you are unsure to commit yourself to the full career training program yet. Your credits will be recognized later when you decided to join a full program. You can find the complete course list in the Health Care Assistant Specialized Studies page.

I live far away. Do you offer distance education?

Yes. Most of our programs are delivered in both traditional mode and blended mode. The blended learning is a form of distance education combining both on-line and in-class learning. All theory base courses are delivered on-line, while all skill based courses are delivered on-campus. Students can choose a suitable option for their needs.

I have never taken any online course before. Is distance education right for me?

Don't be afraid. Many students who never had any experience with online training have been successful with us. Do you have self-discipline, motivation, and basic computer skills? If you answered 'Yes' to these questions, you should be fine. In addition, an on-going supports will be provided by our IT specialist as well as your instructor(s) to ensure your succeed. To learn more about the distance education option, please check Distance Education page.

How can I get help to pay the cost of tuition?

Canada and British Columbia Government Student Loan as well as grant programs are available for domestic students who qualify. Students may apply through our Admissions Office or online at Student Aid BC. In addition, there are scholarships and bursary program available as well as monthly payment plan for all Gateway Students who qualify.

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