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Gateway College is a perfect school for students like myself, that work Monday to Friday and wish to study part-time. I was very happy to learn that Gateway offered weekend courses, allowing me to continue working at my current job. The location of Gateway College is good because it is so convenient and accessible to Transit, as well as many restaurants that students can eat at during their lunch breaks. The College is also well-equipped with new equipment, enabling students to learn quickly and efficiently, as well as acquire a variety of practical skills and aspects of education that are not solely based from textbooks.
The instructors at Gateway have rich educational backgrounds, as well as a wide variety of experiences to share with students, enabling motivational and relatable learning.  The staff members are also very accommodating to students' inquiries and suggestions, making students feel comfortable and welcome. An aspect about Gateway that I really found useful was the fact that the school assists graduates in creating suitable resumes, and supplies facility and job opening information to ensure that students are able to obtain desirable jobs upon graduation.
The graduation ceremony that Gateway holds for their graduate students is also very exciting! I enjoyed my experience at Gateway, and have actually recommended about five of my friends to enroll, and some of them have already graduated!